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Special Print Finishes

For the ultimate elegance for your wedding stationery you might want to consider one of these techniques. For each of these techniques a printing plate needs to be made up especially for your wedding invitation, and each process requires a special technique to achieve the results shown. All three techniques make for a gorgeous invitation with a tactile, three dimensional print - feel the design! Read more about each process below:

On this page: Letterpress Printing, Foil Printing, Blind Embossing, Heat Embossing




A very elegant print finish based on the old print system of positioning each letter individually for printing, though these days it's done using a single plate. Letterpress is a way of printing text and imagery using a press in which a reversed, raised surface is inked and pressed into a sheet of paper to obtain an indented impression, literally embedding the print.

Every print is unique (be aware that you may notice slight variations in the colour and impression with letterpress printing, but this is all just a part of the process and creates the beloved look of letterpress).

The card stocks available for letterpress range from a standard 300 gsm board to a thicker 500-600 gsm. Letterpress is usually done on white or ivory card, and stocks with a very light textured pattern are available.

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Hot Foil Stamping

We now offer hot foil stamping for invitations. A huge range of colours are available (including silver and gold) and there are also hologram foils available. We wil have better/more photos available soon. This process can be done on a variety of finishes - magnets, plastic, paper and really thick card stocks. Contact us for more info on foil printed wedding invitations.

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Heat Embossing

Another unique printing finish that will impress your guests. Heat embossing is a process where a powder is placed on wet, slow-drying ink which is then heated to create a glossy, raised print finish. This is another tactile, three dimensional finish that you can feel. This process is a more modern look than letterpress printing, creating a glossy finish available in a range of colours. There are two options for heat embossing - to have the entire invitation (text and imagery) embossed, or to mix this finish with standard printing.

heat embossing



Blind Embossing

We can combine an embossed image with printed text. This technique is perfect for creating a classical, elegant invitation. It is a beautiful finish and creates a subtle image on the page. The image on the left is of a hydrangea flower that was embossed on the left hand side of a square invitation, with light grey text to the right. The image on the right combines silver print with an embossed image of roses, printed on ivory coloured card.