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Custom Designed Wedding Invitations

Please browse through the designs below to see examples of our work, keeping in mind that we do custom wedding invitations, so if you see something you like we can adapt the design, shape, colours etc to suit your taste and your wedding. There are almost endless image and colour options available! Also available are special print finishes such as foil, letterpress and embossing.

Because there are so many variations of size, paper stocks, quantities, matching info/rsvp cards etc, please contact us for a quote and we will email more information and pricing.


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Kiwiana wedding invitations are great for those wanting to show a bit of New Zealand in their invitation design. Great for Kiwis abroad or just for those who want a green, outdoor feel. We can bring in elements to personalise the invitations for you - certain birds, flowers, background imagery... let us know what you're after and we'll see what we can do to accommodate! From bright, colourful and modern through to a more traditional and elegant invitation look. We have a range of card stocks - high end white card stocks, beautiful metallics... The paua design looks absolutely amazing on the metallic card as the sparkle finish of the card comes through the print making it resemble the stunning shiny paua shell.


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Below is an invitation designed as a rugby ticket - we can make up a version to represent any country. Additions are constantly being made to the design and it just gets more and more funny! From a suitably put "match for a lifetime" through to the RSVP section with "will be there for kick off" as acceptance and "unfortunately will have to await the match report" as the decline option. Below are a set of "rules" that are often printed on the back. These can be personalised to suit your wedding and the people involved!

rugby ticket invitation

Fineprint options for the back of the invitation -

Match Rules
1. No spitting, biting, or foul language. Leave that to those on the front row.
2. Match play guaranteed, regardless of weather conditions.
3. For your health and safety, please follow the advice of the ushers. [Usher] is 6'4''.
4. Due to Data Protection, [year], any lies or evidence emulated from [name]'s "Best Man" speech must be kept private and confidential.
5. It's December (so [foreigners] - that's the cold season)! Appropriate footwear and clothing required.
6. Although it's a kiwi garden wedding, please refrain from wearing jeans, shorts or sock and jandals.
7. In the event of the bride being early, all bets are off. In the event of [groom] being "early/on-time" [whoever] will only pay the first five bets.
8. As a mark of respect, no laughing at the Bride & Groom’s middle names during the service.
9. We recommend patrons to 'coffee' prior to [father of the bride]'s speech and to shave afterwards. It may be long. He has a 22 hour flight to prepare.
10. We apologise in advance for the Australians & Kiwis, they are not as endangered as first thought and QANTAS still encourage holidays.
11. Poms to use the Queens English at all times.
12. Those catching the bouquet must parade in a World Cup 2003 winning performance.
13. No ticket = entry (just kidding, it's only a bit of fun!)
14. Last entry 5 minutes before kick off. Lateness is already being referred to in the match report - try not to make the editors cut!
15. Restrictions to your view of the match caused by the actions of other spectators will not be eligible for a refund.
16. Referee [Name]’s decision is final.
17. Wolf whistles at bridal party will be gratefully appreciated.
18. This is an adults only event, no children please.
19. Please ensure that your phone is switched off during the ceremony.
20. Please listen to the MC’s instructions throughout the day.
21. After match refreshments will be served at the venue, please feel free to join us for a cup of Rosey Lee.
We hope you enjoy the match!

Feel free to add your own!